Here it happens, the moment of truth, the money time of a relationship.
You have reached the point where you are considering buying an engagement ring. Definitely an exciting moment that you will remember forever. But before choosing, you find yourself confused and having a hard time making a decision. You’re right, it’s definitely a complex process that requires prior learning. Before the 1980s life was easy. To choose an engagement ring only a few questions were required: shape of princess or emerald cut? White or yellow gold? Today it is already much more complicated. Countless considerations need to be made before making a smart decision. Get our tips for a smart engagement ring choice.

Do not stick to trends
An engagement ring is a timeless classic expression of your love. So the goal should be to find the right diamond for your fiancée. It has nothing to do with such and such trends, but only with her personal taste. Your task is to weave to her special taste. The internet can be an important source for finding the style that suits your partner. Are you interested in gold or white gold? Is it wearing jewelry or is it necessary to choose a symbolic piece of jewelry that will express the deep connection between you. If you look at your partner’s fashionable style, you can find information about her personal taste. This way you will be able to weave to her special taste and succeed in choosing the engagement ring.

Stone does not have to be perfect on paper
You usually come across four parameters that will help you buy the perfect diamond. Color, cut, clarity and carat. But it is important to remember that the four parameters are just some of the factors that will help you reach a smart buying decision. You do not need a perfect D diamond to design a beautiful ring. It is better to judge a stone by the feeling it gives you and not by the GIA rating (diamonds rated from D to Z by the Gemological Institute of America) A diamond that has received a high rating can be used as a starting point, but it should not be the only determining factor.

How do you deal with the issue of diamond size?
Our tip. Size is important, provided it is agreed upon at the ring selection stage. Some customers come to us with a desire to choose a great diamond. If this is important to you and your spouse, it is possible. But then, if you have decided to go for size, put less emphasis on color and brightness. Today many women prefer the restrained style and less the ostentatious style. That is why it is very important to address personal taste. As much as you invest in choosing a diamond ring that matches the style of your partner, you will make a smart and affordable shopping move.

It is important to know where the diamond came from
For over fifty years we have been assisting customers in the process of purchasing a diamond-studded piece of jewelry. We have already done this successfully with thousands of customers. We have learned from experience that the story of the diamond is no less important. The gemological information and documentation we bring to each diamond assists in the sale process and enriches the buyer’s mind. We want smart buyers. Those who know how to identify the source of the diamond and appreciate the transparency we offer to every customer who comes to us. We believe that every customer has a personal choice and it is anchored in the background story of the diamond. We are here to create an exciting connection between diamonds and people.

The central stone is a work of art
When you are in the engagement stage of choosing an engagement ring, you can treat the central stone as a work of art. Once you choose the diamond you like, you can go for choosing the engagement ring that will highlight the artwork you have chosen. It is very important that the choice between the two elements be an informed and tailored choice. To make the ring perfect. Both at the central stone level and at the design and style level of the ring.

Your personal taste should be reflected in the choice
There is no point in thinking like everyone else. An engagement ring is an expression of your very personal choice. Go with your taste as far as possible. Highlight your partner’s unique style. This is a very special moment in your life and should be emphasized. Millennials are known for their bold choices. Their connection to the diamond comes from very bold decisions. We know how to evaluate customers with an exceptional decision and we have the ability to present a variety of options that meet the definition of an unconventional style. This will be reflected in the cutting of the stone and also in the choice of ring style. If you want to break boundaries we will be happy to help you.

Consider a showroom with a jewelry department
If you are looking for an original engagement ring tailored to your personal taste in design, keep in mind that if there is a premium level jewelry department in the showroom, the sky is the limit. You can design the ring using the MIX & MATCH method and achieve an inspiring personal style. The whole process will happen before your eyes and it can make the buying process creative and memorable.

An engagement ring is not bought alone
Your knowledge base is not large. It’s true that you devote study time to this, but still when it comes to diamond-studded jewelry, a diamond jeweler always has a large maneuvering space of your own. We believe in transparency and fairness. We want you to come to us with the ability to negotiate in a balanced and fair manner. Come with a friend who is already engaged. He will assist you in the selection process. You may find that your friend has already bought from us. A friend has a role to play in helping you act judiciously and arrive at a smart and affordable choice.

Do not commit – we prefer satisfied buyers
You can commit to your spouse. With that we live in peace. Usually, when a buyer wants to make a decision, right before closing a deal, but he is left with a dilemma. We always prefer to let him check with the competitors. We have nothing to hide and this is our way of giving the customer a sense of security. Why are we doing this? To make a buyer 100% satisfied. Buying a diamond is an emotional purchase that requires complete trust. We will never betray the trust that customers place in us.

How much salary are you willing to invest in the ring?
The salary index is definitely a common index. In the old world it was customary to invest one salary. De Beers led the trend, but very quickly the numbers jumped to two salaries and even three. We are not interested in you considering the investment in purchasing a diamond-studded engagement ring in salaries. We have no interest in dictating recommendations of this kind to you. On the other hand, we are committed to offering you an original and special engagement ring on the budget that you decide on. You will find that we have an amazing selection of 100,000 pieces of jewelry and diamonds on a permanent display and we can recommend you countless options and everything so that you can make an informed decision, within your budget.