The diamond industry is a highly structured global industry, with its supply chain concentrated in a few locations around the world.

The Diamond Trading Company (DTC), part of the De Beers family of companies, is the World’s largest and most effective distributor of rough diamonds, sorting, valuing and selling around 40% (by value) of all the uncut diamonds in the world.

Diamonds are sorted into over 16,000 categories, and sold in bulk lots to a limited number of sight-holders a few times a year. Diamonds are then cut and polished for sale.

Cutting and Polishing of rough diamonds is a specialized skill, concentrated in a limited number of locations: Tel Aviv, New York, Antwerp, Amsterdam, and Johannesburg. Diamond cutting centers, established in China, India, and Thailand, handle a larger number of smaller stones, while smaller quantities of more valuable diamonds are handled in Europe or North America.

Diamonds are then sold in Diamond Exchanges called Bourses. There are about 7,000 Diamond Exchange Members in the World, of which about 4,700 are in Israel.

The Israel Diamond Center – House of IDC is a highly – respected member of the Diamond Exchange.