Romance is a matter of geography
Here it happens. You start planning your engagement proposal. You imagine yourself kneeling and pulling out an engagement ring. The only question you start to break your head over, other than the ring of course. Where does this happen? And how you are going to plan the event so that the partner will never swim it. As for originality, we do not interfere with your considerations. Everyone has different requirements. This of course varies from couple to couple. Romance is definitely a matter of geography. There are those for whom a beach does it. Others settle for a sunset in the park. Some will take off in a skydive or sail on a yacht. It depends on you. We are here to offer you ideas that will help you plan the most exciting event and most importantly, be lucky.

1. At your favorite cafe
Let’s start small. It’s simple, it’s close and it’s near your regular cafe. She will never suspect you. You close the corner with the barista. Asking him to draw on the glass, did you marry me? Hides a ring in the cake, asks the waitress to come in with a cake and fireworks, and then at the right moment you pull out a ring. We only offer. You decide.

2. During a ski vacation
It’s summer for the weak. Want a special surprise? A ski or snowboard vacation is a memorable way to ask your partner to marry you. Chances are you will be surrounded by stunning winter scenery. You can kneel on the top of a snowy mountain or right next to the burning fireplace. Which will give you a chance to cuddle together in a romantic wooden cabin and remember to tell the experience to the grandchildren.

3. The house is your home lot.
Slipper engagement proposal. It’s warm and cozy. And there are those who would prefer it over a public offering near strangers. We want to reassure you. A lot of people have done it before you. It is not suitable for everyone. But there are couples for whom this can be a charming and intimate proposition.

4. Dolphins are sometimes the best groomsmen.
Extreme engagement proposal. Arrange a vacation in Eilat, hop in to visit the Dolphin Reef and close with divers who at the right moment will arrive with the sign that can not be refused. True, this can be bypassed-but not unless you’re a techie who knows what he’s doing. Provided of course she knows how to swim.

5. Sometimes a more exciting family proposal.
If you belong to couples that the connection between the families is very close. So you won. Why deny them the exciting right to be present at that special moment in your life? Just need to find the right excuse and then organize everything in a perfect timing. It’s definitely a home ground. And it can be a memorable family event that will only strengthen the bond between the families.

6. A B&B in the Galilee is definitely a classic option
If you want to be alone. This is definitely a lovely offer. Going out to the balcony with a cylindrical view, you kneel and pull out a ring. It’s the most intimate there is. It is possible to plan with the owners of the B&B to arrive at the right moment with the right sign. You can pick up a sign in the forest in front of the B&B. In short, one can be original and surprising. The scenery and the exciting moment will make the event unforgettable.

7. While on a pampering vacation in Greece
With a little daring you can arrange a magical vacation on a Greek island. If you want it to be really special, go for the sunset in the town of Oia in Santorini. You will not be alone. You will be greeted by at least ten thousand tourists who came to see the most famous sunset in the world. They will definitely be happy to celebrate with you. Preparation instructions: Wait for sunset, kneel and pull out a ring. If you want to go for a more expensive offer, you will find on the island travel agents who will be happy to organize you an exciting event on the edge of the cliff. We call it, a dream-style engagement proposal.

8. For such an offer one has to make an effort.
If you are looking for an original and not worn place for an engagement proposal, you can choose the Baha’i Gardens in Haifa. It’s not going to be easy. But there is a chance that the place managers will cooperate with you. Not every day a couple comes to them who want to make an engagement proposal in this amazing garden. What will you get? The most beautiful landscape in Haifa. And the possibility of holding an amazing and exciting ceremony that no one has done before you.

9. Have you already thought about the roof in Azrieli?
Here is an engagement proposal for extroverted couples who love to do it big. Prepare your story on Instagram and Facebook for amazing photos. We have a feeling that the amount of shares you will receive will break the internet. But as we have already mentioned, this is not an offer for everyone. Need a very very extroverted and dramatic couple for this offer. Suits you? Go for it. You only live once.

10. With your pets
If you live together and have a dog or it can be exciting to share them. In this case, you can send the dog with a proposal attached to the leash. There is a situation where the dog can also be the one to reach the partner with the ring. Now it can definitely be original. If you like because it involves your animals. This is definitely a heartwarming engagement proposal.

11. At your gym
If you both live in extremes and work out in the same gym, this could definitely be a recommended place. In this case you will kneel and instead of lifting a barbell, lift a ring and make your partner the happiest woman in the world.

12. Have you thought about Paris?
That’s right, the city of lovers has certainly played a major role in the lives of millions of couples around the world. But if you think about it, you too can play a major role in this city. All you have to do is buy a pair of plane tickets, book a place in a romantic hotel in the Montmartre district and go for a walk in the Eiffel Tower area. Your original plan could be an engagement proposal at the height of the Eiffel Tower as the city of Paris is seen from end to end, we promise there will be enough tourists who will be happy to photograph you and become an enthusiastic audience.

13. On the edge of the cliff in Ramon Crater.
We would highly recommend making this an exciting trip. It is possible with a jeep, but not required. It is also possible with a private car. Set up at the hotel on the edge of the cliff and make this engagement offer memorable. It turns out that there are goats for whom a man who kneels and takes out an engagement ring is also a type of attraction.

14. A trip to the Golan Heights can also be an option
Here is an amazing decor that can lift your engagement time. Climb Mount Bentel and there against the backdrop of the amazing landscape you can create a very exciting moment. Balloons and confetti are not required. It’s just you and the amazing scenery all around. Broadcast it to friends and family and you have an exciting and special event.

15. On the roofs of Tel Aviv
There are enough hotels that offer amazing rooftops in Tel Aviv. Carlton, Rich Carlton, Norman, Satai. Get there and make yourself an amazing engagement offer with the most amazing scenery in Tel Aviv.

16. What’s wrong with flowers and champagne?
You can do it in style. But in a small way. The main thing is what is in the heart. When your spouse returns home, fill the entire apartment with flowers, open a bottle of champagne and kneel. We promise she will never forget this moment.

17. At a wedding of mutual friends.
Will you get a chance to feel how it happens in the moment of truth? Talk to friends, ask them if appropriate and if so, chicken on it. Plan it, after the canopy ceremony. While the guests are still interested. When? You can go to the DJ and close a collaboration with him. What will you get? A moment that is very close to a wedding with guests who are excited to be with you. Butterflies in the stomach and a sweet memory that you and your friends share.

18. Also an offer at the beach can be special
If you have a beach you like it is definitely an interesting idea. But there are beaches that look amazing. Be amazed, there are still a few left. Jaffa Promenade, Sydney Ali, Rosh Hanikra, Habonim Beach Reserve, Dor Beach, Achziv Beach, Caesarea Beach in the Crusader Citadel area, Gador Beach Reserve, Banana Beach Mikhmoret, Neve Yam Beach and Shavei Zion Beach. It can be an excuse for a trip and it can be part of a vacation close to the beach. All it takes is an amazing sunset and engagement ring from IDC.

19. The traditional proposal
If you people believe, we have an offer that can excite you. Roofs of the Jewish Quarter with a view of the Western Wall. If this is what connects you, then here too there is something to see and you can build on the special atmosphere of the place. how does it happen? You go on a preliminary tour of the Jewish Quarter area, find an amazing roof, coordinate with the property owner for a fee and you will be able to get one of the most beautiful locations in the world. PS It does not have to be paid, it may be that with a little daring, you will find access to a vacant roof, free of charge. All you have left to do is kneel down and surprise your partner.

20. On the way to a vacation at the Dead Sea.
The tactic here is a short vacation in one of the Dead Sea hotels. That’s the excuse. On the way stop at the Mount Sodom lookout, to look at the view. What will you get? Spectacular views of Mount Sodom on the Jordanian side and the Dead Sea spread out at your feet. There is access to private vehicles via Route 90 and can be reached all year except on rainy days. We have closed another corner for you.

21. During an outdoor picnic.
We’re talking about an excuse. How to offer your partner an engagement without her feeling it? If you both like to spend time outdoors, get a plan that can work very easily. You both organize the picnic when only you know what awaits your partner when you arrive at the “crime scene”. Why is it a classic? Because all your preparations can be visible. A bottle of wine, a map, an amazing meal. Everything you pack will be part of the secret plan. And if you are really interested, we closed the corner for you with recommended sites for picnics: Bari Forest, Hof Hasharon Reserve, Beit Guvrin, the enchanted forest in Ginegar, Deep Forest, Einot Telem, Nahal Alexander, the steppe near Ein Kerem, seven stations, in the Gilboa area, Arbel Cliff , Britain Park, Ben Shemen Forest, Mount Amasa, Nahal Taninim, Kelat Nimrod, Dor Habonim Beach, Har Haruach and Antipatros Fortress.

22. With a violinist, an opera singer or to the sounds of an orchestra
Do you determine where and when it happens? It can be a violinist or a guitarist, an orchestra, an opera singer or a choir. It depends on how romantic you are in your head. It all depends on the musical taste of both of you. What is important is to find the right timing. It can be in a restaurant or at home. During a trip or at a hotel. You determine when it starts and it can definitely be a lovely idea.

23. On the summit of Mount Hermon
Here too, you will find amazing scenery and breathtaking scenery. You can sleep in the area and then execute your secret plan. Imagine that, you get down on your knees against a breathtaking view. There’s no way she’s going to say no. The whole northern region unfolds at your feet like a great promise of a happy life.

24. A written suggestion on cupcakes
Here it comes to the house. Ringing the doorbell, you ask your spouse to open the door. Volt courier with order, cupcake cookies. You make coffee the way she likes. Open the box and what to see: An engagement proposal is written on cupcakes. Original and surprising. Probably your partner will never forget the taste of the cookies.

25. For extreme enthusiasts – at an altitude of 10,000 feet
If you’re both in the matter of extremes. You can arrange skydiving. During the parachute one of the instructors picks up a sign: Did you marry me? Reach the ground, and before folding the parachutes, you pull out an engagement ring and make the parachute the most exciting moment in your life together.

26. Marriage proposal on a giant sign.
Maybe your love story is worth a billboard. It is worth checking with a sign concessionaire to rent a single sign close to home, on the spouse’s regular walking route. If there is no such route, you can choose a sign close to home and go for a walk with your partner towards the sign. All you have to do is take a picture while kneeling and holding out a ring. The rest of the work will be done by the sign.

27. On a yacht in the middle of the sea
This idea is romantic and is suitable for those who are sea lovers. Here the consideration is whether to do it alone or attach friends to the cruise. The consideration is only yours. Everything you need, a yacht, champagne and confetti. Embark on an agreed sign, you are anchored. Throw a fishing rod into the water and you bring up a bottle sealed with a cork. Inside the bottle Note: Marry me. Thank you for being surprised too. You can also take out an escort boat that at the right moment will wave a sign: marry me. It is possible to plan the appearance of a diver who will rise above the water with a suggestion sign. everything is open. You just have to choose between the options.

28. At a party with friends
It’s already a home ground. Here your partner will “fall into the trap” easily. There’s no way she’s suspicious. This party is organized in your honor. At the right moment, you can arrange the appearance of the sign: on a building opposite. From the house of one of the neighbors. You can be creative so that the surprise will be perfect.

29. Why should it not be in a helicopter?
Here too it can be an exercise from the movies. It requires preparation. But it’s worth the effort. Rent a helicopter, at some point before landing, waiting for your partner on the ground a huge sign with the address: Marry me. All you have to do is pull out the ring.

30. On a safari – because you two are animal lovers
This of course requires cooperation with the safari management. But whoever is willing to put in the effort, there is a chance it will happen. How It Works? Schedule a safari trip. Arrive at the agreed animal cage. It could be a cage of giraffes, antelopes or even chimpanzees. At the right moment, a safari worker works with a sign: Marry me.

31. In the basement of an amazing winery
For wine lovers. There are dozens of amazing wineries in the country. Some of them can be used as a romantic backdrop for an engagement proposal. This time too you can start the preparations with the winery you like. From here everything progresses according to plan. You invite your partner for a tasting tour, and here everything is already open. The sign can be hung in the wine cellar, on a huge wall at the entrance to the winery or at any point you decide on it. All that’s left is to pull out a ring and extract a cork from a bottle of wine you both love.

32. With a private chef in your home kitchen
This idea is slowly cooked over a low heat and served as a surprise to the spouse. Invite a chef home and at the height of the meal you can arrange the appearance of the sign or ring. Imagine your suggestion coming to a table covered in a tray and opened by the chef. Imagine your ring sucking from dessert. Everything is possible.

33. Talk to her with flowers
Okay. It already sounds simple. But even here you can be creative. With a little cooperation, you can come the night before and fill her room with flower work. Of course even on the home court it can be adorable. We are talking about buckets of flowers in the living room. Basically, you can talk to her with flowers even at her parents’ house if you have a collaboration with them. In short, everything is possible on the way to the realization of this idea.

34. In our showroom – in the Diamond Exchange.
The red carpet is already spread out in your honor. We are also ready to take part in your program. After you buy an engagement ring, if you want, you can go on a tour of the stock exchange complex with your partner, come to us and we will take care of pampering you with an original engagement offer, with us in the showroom. We have already accompanied thousands of couples on the way to the canopy, we will be happy to do it for you too.

35. Go for it hugely. A tow sign on a plane at the beach
There are couples who love it all in a big way. To them such an idea might suit. Rent a light plane, it comes up with a sign: marry me huge. All you have left to do is take out the ring and enjoy a special and memorable moment. Ahh and we forgot, you also get encouragement from thousands of bathers who see your sign.

36. Take her to the place where you first met
Sometimes the memories can act like magic on the spouse. As in this case. If you think you met in a special place and you both remember it well. You can go back there and then at the right moment you can propose to your spouse. It can work like a little exciting magic.

37. Marriage proposal in fortune cookies
If you both like Chinese food. There are at least a thousand Walt messengers who will be happy to cooperate with you. Arrange with one of them to get home with a delivery of a Chinese meal with dishes you both love. And here awaits your partner a surprise. Inside the fortune cookies will await your spouse an original marriage proposal. Both exciting and surprising.

38. Offer from the movies in the cinema hall
What fun, we went back to the movie theater. This means that it is possible to incorporate here the idea of ​​a marriage proposal on a huge screen. An offer from the movies with a surprised audience and hot and fresh radiant pop. Imagine that. Set for the movie, sit down in the marked chairs and before the movie starts, hop, a huge screen designed with the obvious question arises, marry me? Of course the answer is yes yes yes. You pull out a ring in front of the astonished viewers and receive applause for the idea and daring.

39. In a bowling alley – how simply so surprising
The farm board can become a sign with text containing the marriage proposal. It’s easy to do. The timing can be perfect. Start playing and then after one or two games, according to an agreed signal your screen changes and your partner gets excited about the amazing strike you have prepared for her.

40. On a racing boat on the Sea of ​​Galilee
Magic on the Sea of ​​Galilee. Here too with a little creativity, you can start a speedboat and get to one of the beaches, where your lovely partner will have a sign posted on the beach as part of preliminary preparations. All you have to do is pull out a ring and kiss your partner after she says YES I DO.

41. With the help of a courier at her job
If you are a fan of surprises. It’s definitely an idea that can be executed relatively easily. While she is at work, a courier comes to her with your original offer. With amazing timing you are there just by chance with an engagement ring and supreme happiness that can fly you both to the moon.

42. With a live TV reporter.
Here already need a mid-level organizational ability of a TV producer. Hiring a team of actors, equipping them with a camera. How It Works? They can come to your home or meet you on the street. It all depends on your design. Then after the question, you have to do what you have to do, and after the spouse’s positive answer, and the screams and confetti, come up with the story for Facebook and Instagram. Big like.

43. At Bat Yaar Farm
Some places are born for marriage proposals. Imagine the setting. A horse farm with a cowboy restaurant overlooking the Hula Valley. It can happen in a restaurant. It can be while riding a horse or having a romantic meal. What is certain is definitely an unforgettable offer.